Farce presented as Freedom

Vive la transparence UE style …

This is what happened when Luke Flanagan (an MEP) tried to examine the text of the TTIP trade deal in the EU reading room:

Meanwhile details of an internal government document, written earlier this year have emerged today, suggesting that Britain is losing out on £2.5 billion a year in potential trade as a result of continuing delays to proposed new ‘free-trade’ deals between the EU and Latin America – due to France and 13 other EU countries flexing a protectionist stance of their farmers from the extra competition.

It’s been a while since I lozzacked in the loft — and it’s time to clear out the cobwebs — sooo … to be continued 😉

3 thoughts on “Farce presented as Freedom

  1. what a wonderful verb….to lozzack…..believe one normally does that in the horizontal….trust you are keeping good company in the loft 😉

    as to sorting the cobwebs I am not sure you reach them in said position, perhaps you may have to get up-lozzacked to get the higher ones

    best, cupboard monster


      • Hi there, been in Beijing on and off for 2 1/2 years but currently down and upside in south east Queensland while nothing happening in China (I don’t speak Mandarin!!)….

        so you are still battling away sellin’ ‘n buyin’ ?

        Dave H


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